Fit4Truth: Helping youth across America discover what it means to “Live Your Truth”

For the many foster children and teens in Tampa Bay who struggle with self-esteem, abandonment, anger and other mental and physical challenges, there is Fit4Truth.

The nonprofit youth outreach organization and its volunteers are dedicated to teaching kids life skills, building self-worth and overcoming personal obstacles. Through structured outdoor workshops, events and retreats coordinated with local businesses, kids learn about personal fitness, nutrition, team building, respect for others and nature, self-reliance and forgiveness.

In a fun, safe environment, kids are able to break away, even if for a few hours, from their difficult lives and share experiences and learn life lessons that will help them through adolescence and into adulthood. Although Fit4Truth partners primarily with local foster care agencies, group homes and foster families, the organization also conducts programs and retreats for other youth groups.

Some of Fit4Truth’s activities and programs have included sailing excursions, fishing camp, physical fitness and nutrition, outdoor ropes coarse and hikes through wooded trails. Each interaction with the children and teens is focused on providing an atmosphere of love, self-worth and strategy to not just survive but to thrive on their journey to adulthood.

In addition to providing get-away learning programs, Fit4Truth recognizes that often children in foster care need more help than they can provide. And unfortunately, the ‘system’ isn’t able to provide regular mental health counseling for every child or teen. Therefore, Fit4Truth works with specialized counselors to coordinate the much-needed help for the kids and raises funds to support these efforts.

Fit4Truth is able to touch the lives of children and teens because of the support and resources of numerous community organizations. Through these collaborative partnerships, children have the opportunity to learn, develop and receive the tools to navigate through adversity.