Foster Kids Learn How to Build Life’s Skills Through Hands-on Approach

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Resilient. Skillful. Proactive. Dedicated. These words best describe the children we serve. These attributes were on full display when we taught the children how to build their own personal “cubbies.” The children, who reside in a foster home in St. Petersburg,

needed storage space to place their belongings. Trinicon, a restoration and construction company, partnered with Fit4Truth to teach the kiddos how to build their own cubbies.

The Intention: We were very grateful for the poignant and candid dialogue with the staff at the home. As a result, we were able to identify that the children needed personal storage space. Teenagers, especially, felt as if they did not have enough room for their belongings.Building_life_skills.1

Building_skills_for_life.4While doing the site survey of the foster home, this really touched our staffs’ hearts. We spoke about how important it is for adolescents to have their own personal space to learn independence and feel grown.

While conducting the survey, we noticed the areas where the children live are nicely arranged and kept in good shape, but there was a need for individual spaces where the children could call their own. Our intention was to remedy that need while teaching the residents how to use tools to reinforce the greatest lesson of all: How to build an extraordinary life by being brilliant in the basics and allowing creativity to take over. We used the tools as a metaphor to using life’s tools, but we reinforced most important tool is the individual.

The Project: Once Trinicon arrived at the foster home, we fed all of Trinicon employees and foster care staff Sunny’s BBQ and set up the Building_life_skills.2assembly line stations. The children were divided into groups and placed at the different stations. We taught the kids how to drill, hammer nails, sand wood and paint. I couldn’t believe how skillful some of the younger children were with the various tools. We had a 4-year-old hammering in nails, and two 8-year-old girls who impressed everyone when they took charge and built their cubbies from scratch.

The project was exactly everything we intended it to be and it fell right in line with our guiding philosophy: To teach our younger generation life skills through positive action where results are attained through creativity, teamwork and self-awareness.

Building_skills_for_life.3The Outcome: The children amazed us with their free spirit and creativity. Their resiliency to their current circumstances was playfully exemplified through hard work and teamwork. These children transcended their current circumstances by learning how to build the life they want and creat something positive that made them feel important. Their smiles and hugs reinforced why Fit4Truth’s mission is so important. Our intention was fulfilled through the dedication and willingness of these very special children.


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