April 6th, 2015 | Luke Harris

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Fit4Truth coordinates workshops for foster care youth to learn critical life skills that will help as they transition to adulthood. Professionals and college students share personal experiences in foster care, offering support and guidance to youth in care.

Through Fit4Truth’s personal development workshops, children and teens spend time with volunteers and business leaders to learn and develop life skills that will help them now as they navigate foster care and as they prepare to enter adulthood.

Kids in foster care often find value and comfort knowing that someone else has walked in their shoes and experienced many of the same struggles. Fit4Truth founders and volunteers truly understand the trials and difficulties of living in foster care. Many of the workshops involve a successful professional or college student or graduate who has lived through the foster care system, survived, and share their own story and journey.

In addition to those who have experienced foster care, Fit4Truth coordinates speakers who share how they have overcome life’s hurdles or life-changing mistakes – and learned and survived from the experiences.

Many youth who are in foster care are teens. It is a critical time for any young person as they mature and prepare to adulthood. However, most teens in foster care do not have the guidance and thoughtful mentoring by caring adults. This leads many to be unprepared and rudderless for adulthood. To help guide many foster teens, Fit4Truth coordinates workshops that teach such skills and knowledge as: money management, goal setting, nutrition, cooking, public speaking, how to find community resources, how to interview for a job, how to manage time and develop self discipline and motivation to reach ones goals.

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