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Beau Blouin

The vision for Fit4Truth rests with founder Beau Blouin, Currently a Staff Sgt. with the US Marine Corp, Blouin is committed his to helping at-risk children and teens learn that despite personal hardships, through positive mental approaches and belief in oneself, that anything is possible. In 2016, following nine years in the military, Blouin will transition full-time to growing Fit4Truth.  

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Shane Williams

Blouin’s older brother and co-founder of Fit4truth, served with the US Army. Williams is a current business owner of The Staffing Specialists in Orlando, Florida. He brings over 10 years of business and marketing experience combined with his financial acumen to the organization as it continues to grow and impact children and teens.

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Matt Jamerson

who was Blouin’s instructor and mentor in the Marine Corp, and currently a program manager with the Department of Homeland Security, brings operational experience to the organization. Raised in poverty by a single mom, Jamerson also overcame early obstacles and is committed to helping Fit4Truth impact as many kids as possible.